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Hi Jake,

Thank you for your question. It’s one I’ve asked myself as well. Let me add that mentioning how uncomfortable your gay Christian friends feel shows your deep care and concern for them.

To move toward answering your question, it’s almost impossible to say anything that would apply to all Christian denominations to say nothing of to all who call themselves Christians. Perhaps your Christian friends would feel more comfortable with themselves and their congregation if they joined one of the more LGBT-friendly denominations.

Sadly, since it has so much to offer in other areas, the Orthodox church is not generally considered LGBT-friendly; though homosexual orientation is not viewed as a sin, acting on it is. But even here there are individual parishioners, priests and even bishops who are supportive of openly LGBT people in the congregation, even of those of us living with a partner.

Still, this does not address your question of why any GLBT person would remain in the church. My answer to that question has three parts: 1) Although Christian theologies—in my opinion—completely misunderstand human sex and sexuality (there are, after all, intersexed people though they are not ‘seen’ by most churches), Christianity has a great deal to teach about human relationships, both societal and romantic. 2) If we LGBT people who lead quiet and, to the best of our abilities, Christ-centred lives withdraw our participation form church life, there will be no one visible to non-LGBT church members who can counteract the hedonistic/pornographic image of LGBT life so visible in the media and trumpeted by the homophobes in society (including those who call themselves Christians). 3) The official/canonical position of the Orthodox church on homosexuality put forward by authorities such as John Chrysostom, whom you mention, and certain passages in the Bible are coming more and more to be seen as in opposition to Christ’s teaching of universal love. Openly LGBT people within the church may well be the prick of conscience needed to transform it.

Wishing all the best for you and the friends for whom you show concern,

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