Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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That is a Very good question! I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church. I see it as my birth right to be a part of this church, regardless of my being gay. I have not been in this church for about 30 years, I’ve been with my wife for about 17 years. I know in my heart, I am still a part of the church. I do long to return but, I understand I can’t have my wife and my church. I have considered just going to the Anglican/Episcopal church, they are similar yet still accept gay couples. It breaks my heart that I can not return to my own church. I love the beauty of the church; I love the beauty of divine liturgy; I love the sacraments like communion. I would gladly return to the church but, I will not give up my wife. I would have to deceive the priest and the congregation if I wanted to be a member and I can not do that. So, that is my dilemma – right now, I have no church and I do wish I did. I am a Christian, orthodox Christian without a church and it breaks my heart. I truly wish I could return.

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