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I have been asked this question before, and it’s a tough one for me to answer… Although I believe that I can’t change my orientation, and that I was probably “born gay”, I was a Christian long before I even knew I was gay. I never questioned The Church’s teachings regarding homosexuality because I expected to grow up to be straight. I thought I was straight, because I wanted to be, and since I believed homosexuality to be a deliberate choice, I figured I was “normal” simply by virtue of wanting to be in accordance with God’s law. I was not tempted by demons to become gay; it was a great source of suffering when I discovered that I liked other guys. I became bitter, alcoholic, depressed, self-destructive, and worst of all, close to apostacy! I only returned to Christ after getting a musician job at a Lutheran Church where I confessed and received Holy Communion, beginning my attempt to return to Our Lord. My spirituality is more important to me then my sexuality, I don’t feel like I should stop following Christ just because of my sexual preferences. I feel like the more I worry about it, the further I get from Christ, and I want to be closer to Christ. If homosexuality is a sin, it’s certainly not the only sin I’ve ever committed, so I need Christ no more or less than anyone. Sadly, the gay issue is the ONLY thing keeping me from joining the orthodox faith.

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