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Well, in my case at least,the homophobic person CAN “become” gay! I HATED gay people (at least the ones I’d see on TV bashing Christianity… I never knew any, or rather, never KNEW I knew any, lol) before I hit puberty and discovered that I myself was gay. For a while, I thought that God was punishing me for hating my fellow man, but I have abandoned that idea. In some ways, I am still “homophobic”, for lack of a better word, insomuch as I don’t care for or identify myself with mainstream gay culture… I find it ugly, shallow, and contradictory to Christ in most ways, much like mainstream “heterosexual culture”. This does not mean I am a self-loathing gay, but you’ll never see me at a gay parade or a gay pride event. I don’t want to dance around in the street in my underware or force anyone to accept me, including other Christians.

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