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Joe, I don’t think you’re being homophobic just because you don’t identify with certain aspects of mainstream gay culture just as a straight person wouldnt be heterophobic just because they dont identify with certain aspects of straight culture. In fact, straight or gay, ANYONE can be materialistic, hedonistic, overindulging, etc. These things are not specific to just one category of people but to everyone. Straight or gay, we’re all in need of God’s love and mercy. Anyone can be shallow, not just gay people.

I know what you mean Joe, about the gay culture stuff. I dont identify with it either. Remember, anyone can be materialistic, shallow, etc. However, we MUST be careful to not fall into judging others. Remember the story of the publican and the pharisee? The pharisee praised himself in front of God for not being like the publican while the publican asked God for mercy in humility. These are lessons we must remember ourselves too-NOT because we fear a punishment from God but because we desire to live IN love and love OF God. That is why we always ask Jesus, “teach me thy statutes.” I know it’s difficult but it’s not meant to be easy. If we do find ourselves judging others, remind yourself “Lord, have mercy” and sincerely repent 🙂 Remember the meaning of the word “repent” (metanoia: change of mind). Think about what’s going on within you when you are angry and realize why it’s important to have a “change of mind.”

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