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I agree with Isaac and pretty much with Maria too. When I first looked at there site (first heard about it here); I actually had the hope that their’s was an orientation/philosophy I could apply to my own life and approach to same-sex attraction. But their total disavowal of effeminacy is disturbing. There’s no “live and let live” here; no acknowledgment that some gay men ARE effeminate, or that we all have masculine and feminine aspects to our personalities. Internalized homophopbia seems about right. Their disavowal of anal sex (which I’m not advocating — In many ways I agree with what they say about it) crosses the line into obsession. One of those “methinks thou dost protest too much” kind of situations. …..

On a totally different note; I came across an interesting opinion just this morning; it states that the prohibitions against two men having sex together found in the Bible are directed toward STRAIGHT men. Maybe this is nothing new, but I’ve never heard it before. The opinion states that the prohibitions are directed toward men who tend to have sex with “anything that moves”, and that regulation of their actions is needed. The opinion states that God would not prohibit intimate love between two people who are actually homosexual, but that this love should be expressed within the context of relationship / love. …. Any thoughts, reactions ?

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