Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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There are a few reasons why no one at your local Orthodox Church has tried to talk to you; the simplest explanation being that many of the parishioners might not speak English! I do find it strange that no one has even asked who you are; at our local Greek Orthodox church, not only does everyone (including the clergy) want to know who you are, they also want to know if you are Orthodox, where you’re from, why you’re there, and of course, “Are you Greek?” If you’re not Orthodox, they are more than happy to show you around the church, explaining the icons, teaching you Greek, etc.
I am assuming St. Seraphim is a pretty large parish… Perhaps you are simply blending into the crowd, although your abstinence from taking communion should be a dead giveaway as to your visitor status… I’m sure that if you continue to attend the liturgy, someone will eventually want to know “what’s up”…
As far as the big differences between Protestantism and Orthodoxy, I am afraid I am not really qualified to say much about it, since I am very new to Orthodoxy myself… You might want to just look at an Orthodox catechism book and make your own comparisons, although there are many differences that run a little deeper than the material covered in my catechism book.
I will venture to guess that if you simply asked someone at your local church, lay or clergy, (make sure they speak English before you launch into your spiel!) to help you get better oriented, they would be more than happy to assist you… but prepare yourself to answer a lot of questions; it may be difficult to “put the lid back on” once you start the process… Good luck and God bless you!

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