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Maria! You are worthy of the name! My heart goes out to you so much… My husband is not Orthodox (and technically, neither am I, because I can’t get christmated without abandoning/repenting my marriage, but that’s another story!) but he is a Christian (Episcopal)… The fact that your wife encourages you in your faith, without demanding a scientific/logical explanation is a good sign that you are really living for and with Our Lord… The tree will bear fruit, but you can’t force it. I don’t quote scripture well (I barely keep up with my goarch daily readings! I admit it…), but I seem to remember something about how “they (the non believers/uninformed) will know you belong to (Christ) because of how you act”…
I remember an old Protestant Sunday school song that goes “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine..”
I would change the lyrics to “this giant unquenchable bonfire of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, but I’m not gonna throw red hot coals in people’s faces”…
It is my opinion that nobody these days wants to listen to a zealot, but if the zealot does his work correctly, patiently, and carefully, he won’t have to say much at all.
I will certainly pray along with you that your wife comes to Christ in due time… Hang in there sister, keep on keepin on!

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