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Dear Ron… After much thought and prayer, I can only tell you what I perceive to be the shortcomings of Protestantism… Only God can know our hearts, and I don’t think we are necessarily damned for being Protestant or anything (I am not trying to belittle or trash anyone), but this is how I see it, and these are purely my own opinions:
My main problem with Protestantism is that they seem to have traded in the “big Pope” for lots of “little Popes”… Every little disagreement about anything, from coffee to communion, leads to a “new church”, a “new pastor” etc, which is very sad to me… There seems to be no injunction against starting your own church in Protestantism, even though I’m pretty sure that Christ tells us in no uncertain words NOT to do that… Ever! Not to mention the “lah-dee-dah” way they seem to treat their (so-called) sacraments, if they retain them at all. (I can eat regular bread and wine in memoriam of Christ at home anytime I want!) also, I personally reject the “I’m my own boss, who needs saints?” attitude… As if we could all be our own personal apostles! If I am getting my history correct, Martin Luther did not intend to make another fracture in Christ’s Church, but rather to heal her from within, but he did not succeed and ended up going too far with the changes. I have heard many Orthodox people (and RCs too) say, “They threw the baby out with the bath water!”

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