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Oh, that actually makes so much more sense, thank you very much! 🙂 very kind of you to respond. Of that is the case, then why is same-sex marriage not allowed because of same-sex sex? I can’t understand why some people use that as an argument. I read that all sexuality is divine and gift from God, but am told that quite the opposite. Then told same-sex marriage is wrong and unholy, but nowhere I can find is that stated in Bible. I was told opposite sex marriage make you closer to God, why wouldn’t same sex if you are truly in love and expressing grace and happiness and not using it as means of sinning? This is confusing, no? I read, but am misguided by what others tell me perhaps? I shouldn’t listen to others, I know. I am only currently searching for answers instead of blindly being misleader. I am not of Orthodox Christianity, I was raised Methodist (not practicing anymore as I cannot bring myself to believe in this hate against human). My life I am told that you are mentally ill for not being straight, and I cannot find where God say that. Does that make sense? Pardon my Engish please. I just cannot find where same-sex marriage is said wrong.

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