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Me too Maria! I have been keeping images of icons as my phone wallpaper since I got one of these über-phones… I try to find seasonally or callendricly appropriate ones to download, which helps me stay mindful of feasts, fasts, commemorations, etc.
As an amusing and unintentional side effect of carrying pictures of icons around with me all the time is that people around me when I use my phone are likely to see the image. Most of the time people react positively, complimenting their beauty, and often simply asking, “who is that?”, some are more curious (“why does he/she look so sad?”, “what religion is that from?”) but some have been shocked and even concerned; One RC lady I know saw “Theotokos as the Burning Bush” and was abolutely appalled to see The Mother of God on fire.. (I explained to her the meaning of it and she was very understanding)… one man thought that an image of St. Nektarios was Osama Bin Ladin! I couldn’t help laughing.. He didn’t think it was funny at all, so I let him look at it more closely and assured him that “the man in the picture” was just about the furthest thing in the world from it!

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