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Ooh… That’s gotta be rough! I had a roommate who’s kids just ADORED goingt to what I call a “Walmart church”… You know, the kind that sells cappuccino in the narthex and sings all those wacky songs and… well, I could go on and on, but I don’t wanna bash anyone… Anyway, they would come home from the Sunday Jamboree (or whatever they called their services) and I would ask them what they did and if they learned anything… They’d just look at me like, “What do you mean, ‘learn’? It’s not school… We sang songs and hung out (or fought) with our friends and we had a BBQ for the new bass player in the band! It was soooo fun!”… Of course they loved church; it was just a big party.
It made me so angry to know that this is the biggest (and probably most profitable) “church” in my town, (it even has a bus that picks the kids up for all their shindigs) and that their parents didn’t know any better and frankly didn’t care.
I tried to sneak in whatever actual information about Christ that I could, but what 14 year old girl wants to hear about Him when she can go whoop it up with her buddies and be assured that it counts as “church”…. It’s very very frustrating and difficult to be respectful and hold one’s tongue, especially when kids are involved. I just pray for all those kids who are being spiritually fed with only the sugary cereal (and not as part of ‘this complete breakfast!’ Lol)
On a happier note, my agnostic sister encourages my neices to attend Divine Liturgy with Grandma (my mom) any time they want, and they love it! Alleuia!

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