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Yay! “Agni Parthene thespina, aghrande Theotoke!” It is truly right! Axion Estin!
Sometimes I feel so isolated and “odd”… 999/1000 people I’ve ever met would not only dislike music like that, but actively hate it… Because it’s unworldly… It makes us think and feel things that aren’t “fun”, but whoever said beauty, quality, and worth had anything to do with fun?… To me, “devotional music” (for lack of a better word; English is a spiritually bereft language in my opinion) won’t endorse the ego, but dismantle it! The music of the angels (on earth as it is in heaven) invites us to contemplate the ultimate, non-sensual reality, as opposed to feeding our temporal cravings and passions… I like pop music, but it’s only “entertainment” music to me… How many times have you had someone shove their phone in your face, saying, “you gotta hear this song; just listen to words” and then the words turn out to be a bunch of self-indulgent bile?

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