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That’s really neat! I’ve always liked snakes; I used to have one as a pet! 🙂
It took a little research to get the Orthodox perspective on this… The first thing I looked at was Wikipedia, (mistake) which called it propaganda, myth, and got the story all wrong, saying the nuns were transformed into the snakes, not protected by them. Then I watched the you tube video, and even though it was low resolution, badly translated from Greek, and obviously intended for children, it cleared things up quite a bit!
I remember seeing a program about another “annual” miracle in Italy that, failing to occur, forewarns of disaster… It has to do with the reconstitution of the blood of a saint, untouched inside its reliquary, on the feast day of that saint… I can’t remember the names.
I certainly do believe that miracles occur all the time, but I’m not as confident in my ability to identify them! 🙂

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