Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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Wow… Those last few posts were all very unexpected… I thought someone might call me dumb for my dislike of computers and associating it with iconoclasm/iconophilia, but OK, I guess this other topic is cool too… Lol
Yes, it’s true; any travesty or perversion of what God intends for us (in the bedroom or otherwise) is cause for serious concern… However, we don’t need to go to seminary or become a monastic to see that “straight” people are just as ‘at risk’ for misusing each other as “non-straight” people are. It is only my opinion, but I get the feeling that straight folks are even more at risk of buying into a weak and incomplete secular morality… they seem to be encouraged and even expected to openly and shamelessly fornicate with each other, no-holds-barred as long as everyone is 18, and to use birth control and abortion as a means of keeping themselves sexualy appeased without any cumbersome unsexy offspring, and whatever they ‘choose’ is above the critique of any other person living or dead… As long as they’re happy.
Meanwhile, us gays are supposed to just be happy that we don’t get burned at the stake… No one cares about our sexual health, since our sexuality is by tradition, ‘unhealthy’… Sometimes it seems like straight people think that as soon as they leave more than one gay man alone in a room, it’s all anal-penetration all the time. (Puh-leeeze, We take breaks to watch Antiques Roadshow at least part of the time! Lol)

It’s not what we consume (dietarily, intellectually, or even sexually) that makes us ‘unclean’, but what we produce.

When I hear the words of Christ as they are recorded in The Gospels, (especially his answers to some of the questions the disciples asked of Him… questions that can seem pretty silly and inconsequential to us modern folks), I can almost see Him smiling at ALL of us with limitless compassion and understanding, kindly shaking his head and chuckling to himself, saying, (Mark 9:19) “OH UNBELIEVING GENERATION, HOW LONG SHALL I BE WITH YOU? HOW LONG SHALL I PUT UP WITH YOU? BRING HIM (the boy/son afflicted with ‘a dumb spirit’, maybe what we would call epilepsy nowadays) TO ME!”
There is no flaw that He can’t fix… therefore, let us rejoice and rededicate ourselves to Him everyday, knowing that whatever is wrong with us now will be corrected in due time.
Rejoice, for night has passed!

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