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That was a very useful quote from St. Nikolai Velmirovich. Thank you, Maria, for posting it.

I’ll admit to finding it quite annoying to be stuck beside someone who talks non-stop on their cellphone on the train, to see a table-full of lunch eaters at a restaurant all chatting away into their phones while ignoring each other, or to find myself walking behind someone who’s creeping along while punching out text messages. (Did I mention the bicyclist texter who almost ran me over?) But/So I have to keep reminding myself to say a Jesus prayer and not judge others whose motivations and trials will always be known only to them and God.

As it turns out, my partner and I keep our cellphones open (other than in church, concert or theater) since we may get a call at even the most unsociable time from my mother-in-law, whose Alzheimer’s has progressed so that she can no longer dial us and has to depend on a nurse or visitor dropping in to her room at odd times during the day to do that for her. And there’s the I’m from Driftwood video by the deaf guy who tells in passing of communicating with his hearing dinner date via text messaging across the table at a restaurant. http://imfromdriftwood.com/richard_mesich/

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