Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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Wow… I wish I lived (or had the option to move) somewhere with so many possibilities.
It doesn’t matter where your body lives, your soul cannot be pinned down to any town. How much time did Our Lord spend in any given place? What is Jesus’ home town? Nazareth? Capernaum? Yerushalem? Toronto is a big city… When you get worried about “parish this, location that”, you are forgetting all the poor people who need to hear the true Gospel (from you! A gay Christian! Maybe it’s your mission?) who might not have the luxury of being a free Canadian in a major city. I will certainly pray with you that you land on a friendly place, but if you don’t, will you give up your faith? No way! Look out Toronto, here comes James! (Gay? Orthodox? Who cares?) It is your happy job to reflect the love of Christ wherever you go… Even if you had to move to somewhere weirder than Toronto.

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