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I saw the post you mean 🙂

I agree homosexual sounds clinical, but I don’t like “experience same-sex attraction” either because it sounds “abnormal” or like a disease or something (and it’s always the term homophobes use to try and disconnect our sexuality from part of who we are). But I digress!

I like the idea of a “gay community” insofar as we have one of this website – people who understand our struggles and can talk/share support and experiences. Unfortunately, the common image the term “gay community” seems to conjure up is not very flattering and stereotypical and I don’t think it reflects the reality of many of our lives… Also, I’ve found many people in the “gay community” have a strong dislike for religion (understandibly I suppose, though…) so it’s hard to fit in anywhere as a gay Christian.
It’s interesting what you said about lesbians though.. I (as a lesbian) have experienced misogyny from gay men!

Anyway, just some thoughts 🙂 Hope it answers your questions.

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