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Yes, most certainly. James had a great point about promiscuity perhaps being factored in to “the spectrum” (side note: when I put words in quotes or capitalize certain words, it’s because I don’t how to make my phone do italics, not to actually “quote” or to “YELL”.) I have so many things about which I’d like to talk with you all, but I find it difficult to organize my thoughts into coherent chunks of written language. Thank you all for your patience with me (a mere “inquirer”). My anger and frustration surrounding these issues is certainly more of a stumbling block/obstacle between me (who/whatever I am) and The LORD then is my physicality/ sexual nature… I just wanna be a good sheep, but all the other sheep seem to think I’m a wolf! Whether that’s a fact, or simply a construct of my fevered and exhausted little brain, it grieves me deeply either way… Catch 22, you know what I mean? “Dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t.”

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