Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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Interesting lead post, Joe. It’s good to weigh one’s words when speaking–and especially when writing. That’s a way to be considerate to your hearer/reader. Still, none of us can guarantee that others won’t find what we say or write offensive or hurtful. Often someone’s reaction is as much due to something in them as it is to what we’ve said/written. So as speakers/writers we can only do our best, get our words out there–and relax.

Maybe (the topic) ‘gay’ is a good example of that. When I say it, I mean my partner and I visit his mother in the Alzheimer’s care facility, stop off at a restaurant for a meal on the way home, watch a bit of television together before falling into bed and sleep. But despite my best efforts, some hear the word and envision Bacchanalian orgies, recruiting innocent children, the downfall of Western Civilization.

Of course that doesn’t answer your question, ‘how “down and dirty” can we get with our discussions without being “gross” or “un-Christian”?’ I tend to think of this forum as equivalent to the coffee after a Sunday liturgy where everyone in the parish is GLBT-friendly. If I wanted to bring up a topic that wouldn’t fit there, I’d email Fr. Andrij privately to ask for his advice before posting to the group. I hope this is of some help as you wrestle with your question.

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