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Hi Maria,

So sorry to hear you’re having a negative reaction from some of your colleagues. It takes a lot of courage to come out ( = be honest) in the workplace, especially if it’s a school. No doubt there are other colleagues who welcome your honesty and support you, though they may do so silently.

This trick I like to use when talking with people who don’t know me well might be of use to you: Rather than speaking of your wife, refer to her as your ‘spouse’ or ‘partner’. That allows others to draw their own conclusions–or avoid picturing you and your wife in their mind’s eye if that makes them uncomfortable.

Of course I’m fortunate to live in a country where the language spoken isn’t English, where legal protection is strong, and where the vast majority are willing to accept or at least tolerate LGBT people–and where the Church hierarchy seems fairly open-minded. Perhaps the US (where I assume you live) will one day catch up.

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