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Well, I do live in the US… I get more guff for being ‘other-than-protestant’ than I do for for being gay… People are usually offended by my “faith+gay” way more than Olson old “gay”… Gay people in America are usually supposed to be against religion, if not Christ himself… (Kind of a “if you don’t like me, then I must not like you either” mindset) Don’t get me wrong, I like living in the USA; it’s my home; but i have no problem admitting that most people here are totally goofy when it comes to religion… (We are the home of Mormonism, after all… Wow!) I mean, our government was founded (and is preserved) by the weirdest of the weirdos… They were so weird and goofed up that they had to sail across the Atlantic just to get away from what they saw as “hateful evil satanic Europe” (I’m sure Europe was not too sad to see them leave, either. lol)
At any rate, keep in mind that The Good Shepherd knows his sheep, and He is the only one who can sort us out… When the goats accuse the sheep of heresy and the sheep preach hell to the goats, we should all laugh at ourselves and the sillyness of man-made morality, and then have a modest meal together, maybe a couple of strong drinks, sing the happy and sad songs of our ancestors, and ultimately return to the shepherd; He’s the only chance we got.

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