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I’m on the other end of it… Fasting from food is not a big deal for me, (I’m very accustomed to not having the food I want… I’m just trying to be thankful that I have the food I need) but my husband definitely has the “food demon”… Lenten gastronomy was so hard on him that it ceased being spiritually productive for me; I could live on saltine crackers and boiled lentils for the rest of my life with no spiritual benefits, but my husband would dry up like a cut flower if I tried to make him eat that way (I am the cook of our house) for any length of time…
(Big paraphrase here): A zealous young monk once said to a wise old monk, “I only eat one loaf of bread every other day.” The old monk said, “That is vanity; you should eat half a loaf every day.” 😉
It is only my opinion, but I feel that fasting is only good if it helps you concentrate and pray better… If it becomes a distraction or a curse, it is not fruitful.
I am a nicotine addict… I’ve never even tried to fast from cigarettes yet… I’m too scared.

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