Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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Well put James! John 16:33… I have to remind myself that at no time did He ever say, “follow me and your life will get easier”… He told us to expect (even welcome) hardship. Rejoice!

I think I know what you mean about the “prettiness” of Orthodoxy; I love all that stuff too, but if all I wanted was a good show, I could easily find it elsewhere… I crave communion with Christ, nothing more or less, and i know that the Orthodox Church is the best way to find that. If, in the end, the Church won’t have us, we have to accept it… Remember, Moses was not granted permission to set foot in the promised land… Do we deserve to be accepted into the Church anymore than Moses deserved to have a nice condo with a jacuzzi in downtown Jericho?
It doesn’t matter if the door isn’t opened right away… We just gotta keep on knockin’; bloody knuckles aren’t an excuse to quit.

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