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Hi Khreesto!

Please know that you are who you are and there is nothing you can change about who you love. After all, God looks at our hearts and not society. Most important is you have to be brave for yourself and accept yourself for who you truly are. I am also aware of the Orthodox interpretation on homosexuality but unfortunately, some people are not aware of human sexuality and think that love only has one manifestation (for instance, when they say only man and woman). Who are they to decide that? Love can be manifested regardless of gender or of what gender you like. I understand you feel guilty but in the long run, feeling guilty everyday will not be beneficial to you. When you accept yourself for who you really are, I think that you will be more at peace with yourself. Do not think or let other people dictate who you love because only your heart can do that, whether it be a man or a woman. I am a gay Christian and if God didn’t like LGBT people, then he certainly wouldnt be calling me to his church. I see this as a sign that God loves his gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc. children.

Another important thing, look for the answer INSIDE yourself when you pray. Be patient with yourself, also very important. It’s the learning process that is useful in learning about ourselves in our spiritual life.

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