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Your pain and frustration come through, and I sympathize with your plight. It might help to look at your situation from a different angle: Perhaps the priest is actually doing you a favour by refusing you crismation in your current circumstances. When one formally joins a parish, one tacitly agrees to follow the guidance of its priest or be denied the Eucharist if not barred from attendance entirely.

When someone accuses us of sin, as you feel your priest has done to you and your wife, it is easy to feel they view us as guilty of great evil. But if you remember that for the Church sin is simply a falling short of the ideal God has set, it may becomes easier to think of the priest’s comments not trying to shame you but as intended to guide you onto the path the Church has laid out for our salvation.

In any event, until you are able to meet your Orthodox priest’s demands, I hope you are finding worship at a Lutheran church where both you and your wife are accepted both beneficial and worthwhile.

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