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I hope you find what you’re looking for here and post again after you’ve completed your search.

You ask: “Would it be safe to say that the Orthodox Church is a dogmatic institution existing in a world culture that is becoming increasingly more ambiguous and relativistic?”
That does seem to be the case, as far as I can judge, when thinking about the Church at the institutional level. Looked at as a collection of people, clergy and lay, I’d say that at the level of individuals there is a very wide spectrum of views and behaviours from the most dogmatic to the fairly relativistic.

You write: “Perhaps dogmatic tradition has no place in this world and, as the homepage states, it is time to change the Churches position on various pastoral issues and adapt to contemporary situations.”
If the Church is to be relevant in the contemporary world without losing its mission, a compromise between blind adherence to historic dogma and complete acceptance of changes in secular society ought to be possible. Though I’m no theologian, it seems to me that for any new position to be considered Orthodox it would have to be based on a reinterpretation of biblical and patristic texts. Since, unlike in some Protestant denominations, it is not in the spirit of the Orthodox Church to argue points by citing proof texts out of their wider context, such a reinterpretation or at least reexamination ought to be possible and, given the current mood of society on the issue of homosexuality, perhaps even called for.

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