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I love the Church also. I go infrequently, maybe once a month or so. I feel like I’m sneaking in. Sometimes, I even go to different Orthodox Churches. No one really knows me but, it’s become something I really feel – God is calling me to come back to the Church – I must do. To become a member of the Church. I’m a cradle Orthodox but, I have not been to confession in about 30 years. I need to do that to become a member and I don’t want to lie. I feel a half truth is as good as a lie. I love the Church so much it brings me to tears every time I go. It also pisses off my wife who claims to be a recovering Catholic. She doesn’t know why I would want to be some where I’m not wanted. She just doesn’t get it. And I have no clue as to how to proceed. Any good ideas?

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