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Hi Caspian,

What follows is only my opinion; I don’t speak with any authority on the matter, but it seems highly unlikely to me that official Orthodox teachings on homosexuality are going to change within my lifetime of yours, no matter what your current age. Still, the practice of the Church with regard to matters like divorce and contraception has changed with time. And it’s worth bearing in mind that if you become involved with an Orthodox church you will be surrounded by flesh-and-blood people working through the compromises required by day-to-day life rather than by abstract principles.

Some of those you meet, both straight and gay, will hold strictly to established Orthodox teachings on homosexuality while others will be more lenient and accepting, provided you show evidence that–like everyone else in the church–you are trying to humbly live a life of self-control and repentance rather than giving in to unbridled lusts. Since this applies both to priests and to parishioners, the only way for you to know whether you will feel at home as an Orthodox Christian is to find a church and start taking an active part in its services and communal life. It perhaps does not need to be said that you will no doubt be better received if you come conservatively dressed and eager to learn than if you arrive passing out LGBT manifestos while holding your lover’s hand and looking like you just stepped off the most flamboyant float at the Pride parade.

But perhaps you already know all this. It isn’t clear from your question whether you have been attending services or are still learning through reading. Either way, I hope your exploration of Orthodoxy brings you rich rewards.

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