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Thanks for your reply, James.

I think I could accept the official stance not changing in my lifetime as long as there is the hope that the position could change one day. I live in the UK, and am in a faithful heterosexual marriage so I wouldn’t be so personally affected, but I deplore homophobia and would struggle to be part of a church that is irredeemably against same sex relationships. I’ve not yet attended any orthodox services but I’m keen to do so. At the moment I’m reading orthodox spiritual teachings and theology and it’s truly incredible, so much so that I find myself persuaded that this really could be the authentic church of Christ. I do so hope there is a way I can square getting more involved with a personal stance that affirms same sex relationships.

What you say about the church having changed its position on divorce and contraception is very interesting and something I wish I knew more about. Wouldn’t this involve disowning or contradicting previous authoritative church statements? My basic understanding of the orthodox church is that it is impossible for one generation of the church leaders to contradict previous generations but it seems from what you’re saying that this isn’t exactly the case. No doubt, there are many facts and nuances that I’m not aware of.

Thanks again, I love this site and the discussions on it.

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