Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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It was good to hear from you again, Caspian, and to discover a bit more about your current situation. Once again let me begin by stating that I write not with any particular training in Orthodox canon law but only as a lay member of an Orthodox congregation.

It is my impression that the Orthodox Churches are less legalistic in nature than many of the more high church or evangelical branches of Western Christianity and more willing to see all in the church as sinners engaged in repentance. That, I think, has allowed individual priests, when hearing confession and giving guidance, a measure of flexibility to take into account our human fallibility as we strive to the best of our abilities to become more Christlike rather than to demand of us strict adhere to a set of rules which are too demanding of us at the present time.

You may find this brief interview with Metropolitan Kallios Wear on gender issues in the Orthodox Church (women’s ordination and homosexual attraction) of interest, keeping in mind that not all bishops would endorse his views:http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/illuminedheart/metropolitan_kallistos_ware_on_gender

It would certainly be worth visiting the Orthodox church you feel most drawn to if only to see for yourself how the theory you have been reading about is put into practice. I would think, too, that it would be wise to get your wife’s approval before making any commitments should you decide that the Orthodox Church is the one you have been seeking. In addition to much standing and some prostration, we do observe a lot of meatless days and fasts during the year that may annoy any cook, or at least tax their menu-planning skills.

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