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Hi Nikola,

First of all, I am not a priest. And I hope one of the sympathetic priests who reads this website will reply to you either privately or here with advice. The Serbian church is more strict than some of the other Orthodox churches.

While you wait to hear from others, I would say it is worth keeping in mind that one’s first same-sex relationship is always a very intense one, but it is not necessarily with that person that one settles down for the rest of one’s life. Perhaps your brother and sister are right to think that you could learn much from dating a girl for a time to see how that makes you feel. They must surely know you better than anyone who writes here does.

Moving into an apartment with others away from your parent’s house could give you the freedom to explore a bit without causing pain to your parents. You realize that you have a big decision to make, but there is no need to rush into making it. Take the time you need to consider your future, and while you are doing so keep up a regular prayer life and try not to lose contact with your parents or your Church.

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