Orthodox Church and Homosexuality

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Hello Nikola,
Even though the serbian orthodox Church is one of the most homophobic, there are still very good shepherds among its clergy. I have a friend who lives with his partner in Germany and the local (serbian) priest gladly blessed their union. So, no. Not all the serbian priests out there are homophobic and this is certainly not an isolated case, that of two men living as spouses being integrated in the church life. It is not unlikely that some day soon you will find a welcoming church comunity in Germany where you will be fully integrated as a gay believing man. It is important though to keep in mind that people lie, or just speak out of ignorance, when they say that eternal salvation and having a same-sex relationship are in collision. And also the great advantage you have in Germany is that one day you will be able to marry the person you love even if he is man.
So this may be a tough situation for you but it is also a chance for becoming a more mature person. It’s very difficult to say a concrete advice because you’re the one who’s in the situation, but to me it looks like you need to work on your autonomy before making big decisions, like finding your own place to live etc. Sometimes our family needs to go a long way before getting to accepting us for who we are.
Good luck and stay in touch!

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