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    What does everyone think about the landslide victory for gay marriage in Ireland (2/3 majority in popular vote) ? I admit when I heard about it yesterday (before the vote) I thought for sure in would not pass, given the influence in the Catholic Church there ( I read a few years ago that Ireland was the top country in europe — tied with Poland — for actual church attendance. ) How things have changed !! Doesn’t this show that in the hearts and minds of people out there — people of faith and people of no faith– gay people have the right to love who they love, and they are not aberrant monsters ? Same sex relationships are now “normalized”; they are now an integral part of ‘civilization’ and the Churches — Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox need to recognize this and welcome everyone — and lift their restrictions on whom we can LOVE .

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    One of the encouraging things about Ireland is that those on the losing side of the vote seem to be accepting defeat graciously rather than digging in their heals planning to fight against the decision as has so often happened elsewhere. Of course I don’t think Roman Catholics or Orthodox anywhere can look forward to same-sex church weddings any time soon, but at least in Ireland the Roman Catholic church isn’t standing in the way of civil wedding ceremonies.

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