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    First, for those of you who are celebrating the Nativity (either on new or old Calendar), Merry Christmas! Christ is born!

    How do we live in an ever changing world? What do you think? We all come from various places around the world witnessing many advances in technology, society, and other things. But with that being said, sometimes we witness the dark sides of humanity like wars, racism, terror, violence. Regardless of where we are from, we witness cruelty everywhere. How do you not lose hope, especially in a world that is constantly changing?

    Despite my own shortcomings and sins, I still give glory to God for his mercy and compassion that helps me to see the world around me as well as understand it.

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    Not much of an answer I know, but perhaps the most helpful tactic is to simply acknowledge that there has been change in the world since the very beginning of time, even if social change seems to have been speeding up in our own lifetime. As for the dark side of humanity, since we humans live in a fallen state it should be no surprise that the dark side shows itself.

    But the Light of Christ shines in the world as well. So there is no reason for us to give up hope or let darkness rule our lives. Our task is to turn toward Christ’s Light and become beacons of that Light for those around us.

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