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    Miracles happen. It’s true. Long story short: I have been struggling with anger lately… Our sister Maria (from this website… Thank you so much btw!) clued me in to the Icon known as “Softener of Evil/Hard Hearts”… I prayed for the blessing of freedom from rage and anger and for the gift of peace… My prayers are being answered, and more. I have been blessed with no less than 5 extra unexpected miracles directly related to the goal of our hard hearts melting like wax in the presence of The Divine… “sunshine” (?), that is, God’s unbeggining and unending perfect love… Alpha to Omega. I am almost totally humiliated… In a good way. Alleluia!
    Xristos anesti ek nekron… He tramples (stomps?) on death by dying himself… And to them in their tombs, He has given life.
    Alithos anesti!

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    Oh, that’s lovely! I am very happy for you! Yay! 🙂

    Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

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