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The selected links below concern the Orthodox Church and homosexuality. Some of the links – while active – are to websites that are no longer updated.  They are included here because they contain valuable information and ideas concerning the Orthodox Church and being gay.

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The following works by the Rev. Justin Cannon are extremely helpful for members of the LGBTQ community – Orthodox or not. The first work is Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church and the second is The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality. I highly recommend both works.

Please follow the amazon links to order the books.

The following is a link to a review of the book Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church by Justin Cannon.  It was originally published in the St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly in 2011


Axios: Eastern & Orthodox Christians Gay Men & Women

Axios NYC

Axios DC

The Gay Christian Network (Orthodox Fellowship Group)

Inclusive Orthodoxy

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