Feeling Sorry for the Pigs

May 20, 2012


I have a wonderful aunt, who also happens to be my godmother.  A woman of simple faith, but a simple faith that is quite extraordinary.  We would have interesting discussions about the Orthodox Church which increased in measure when I became a seminarian.  Once she asked me what I thought was the most important element in Christianity.  Although armed with a few years of biblical studies, dogmatic, pastoral and liturgical theology, I was not sure that I had a quick answer.  I took a few moments and then responded, Holy Communion.  I told her that Communion, the Eucharist, was the most important element of Christianity.  My aunt looked a bit puzzled and said, really, I would have thought that it was love.  Isn’t love the most important part of Christianity, she asked?  I am sure that I had the look upon my face as if I had just failed an exam in Seminary. Of course, love is the most important component of Christianity.  My aunt had an intuitive faith that saw the entire forest and not just the trees.


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Picture it – Jesus, the Patriarch and the Faggot

May 6, 2012


Recently, on an internet discussion thread, I was asked about who Jesus would allow Himself to be photographed with.  One question was if Jesus would be photographed with Patriarch Filaret. Filaret is the current primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyivan Patriarchate.  Not liking my answer to the question, another person asked if Jesus would be photographed with a priest who is a faggot.  Although not said explicitly by the person, I can safely assume that the priest in question who is a faggot, is me.


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