Choosing and Ignoring Scripture

When I was looking for a web designer to create, I answered an ad from someone who was just starting his business. He was offering a special rate for non-profits and community based organizations. We had just started to talk over the phone about the design I might be interested in when he asked “so, what will the website be about?”  I barely got the words “Christian and gay” out of my mouth, when he immediately retorted that he would not work on such a site.  When I asked him why, he snapped, “homosexuality is a sin, read your Bible.” I said I was sorry that he felt that way and hoped that he was not having a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch while wearing a polyester shirt. (Both are things forbidden by the Bible).


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He had AIDS you know

“He had AIDS, you know.” I heard this from the funeral director as soon as I came into the funeral home to conduct the memorial service.  Of course, I knew that.  I had visited this man numerous times in the hospital, listened to his confessions, and brought him the Holy Eucharist. During those visits, we spoke at length about his illness, his misgivings, his love/hate relationship with the Orthodox Church and we spoke about his funeral.


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