God Doesn’t Know?

God Doesn’t Know

May 31, 2023

“Torch Song Trilogy,” written by Harvey Firestein in the 1970s, is a collection of three one-act plays in which the main character, Arnold Beckoff, wrestles with how to live his life, as a gay man, in a post-Stonewall New York City. Central to the plot of the story, later turned into a movie, are Arnold’s relationships with boyfriends, co-workers, his adopted son, and his mother. Arnold’s mother has a difficult time accepting her son’s homosexuality, and questions why he can’t just settle down and marry a “nice Jewish girl”. Arnold is frequently agitated and unhappy with his mother’s refusal to believe that he was “made this way”, in other words, made gay, by God. In one very funny scene, Mrs. Beckoff, “Ma”, in exasperation that her son thinks he knows more about his life than she does, states, “God, doesn’t know, my son knows.”

Of course, what Arnold and numerous other LGBTQ know and believe, is that God indeed does know how He created us. We may not know about ourselves, we question ourselves and wrestle with how we were created, and some of us even wish we were created as heterosexuals. But ultimately, despite the numerous attempts by many LGBTQ individuals to “pray away the gay”, to change (including this writer), the efforts fail. Ultimately, we come to the realization that we were truly created by God, in His image, as gay or lesbian and we can no more change our sexual orientation than we can change our birth order.

Often, I wonder why it is so difficult for many people, and in particular people who are part of the Orthodox Church, to accept the beauty of the diversity of God’s creation: tall, short, thin, fat, white, black, brown, and especially gay, bisexual, transgendered people. To deny the fullness and resplendence of God’s creation, even the parts we do not fully understand, (I for one would have preferred that God did not create snakes) is to deny God and in turn, deny those same people we do not understand, a place in the Church of Christ, and to feast at His table. And while many in the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church continue to deny LGBTQ full entrance into the Church, Christ will have the final word on who “enters into the joy” of the Lord.  (Matthew 25:21)

Fairly recently this website received an email message, similar to others received in the past. Here is the email: “You made yourself gay by your free will to do so. The Lord gave us free will to make righteous or unrighteousness [sic] choices.

I am never sure how to answer such definitive statements as “you made yourself gay of your free will.” Of course, it assumes the erroneous idea that the person writing CHOSE his/her sexual orientation, presumably heterosexuality as well as their gender.  The truth of the matter is that God, our Creator, knows how and why He created us. Why do we waste our precious time on Earth questioning Him? So, I would say to Mrs. Beckoff and to those who hold her views, especially those in the Church, “God does know” and He loves us completely, just as He made us. When will we start to believe that God loves us as He made us, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered? Also, when will the leaders of the Orthodox Church start to believe that and act as the shepherds they are called to be?

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  1. Andriy

    Thank you for your kind words. There are many out there who attack LGBT individuals and so I created this website to be supportive of LGBT Orthodox Christians in particular, and in general all LGBT individuals and our loved ones. As you have personally felt, Christ is calling you, as our Father has made you, to love, be loved, and spread love, kindness, and good works as well as the “good word”. If God is perfect, and we believe that God is, it is impossible that He makes mistakes. We certainly might not understand the reasons for His creation, and that teaches us humility and to love His creation. Unfortunately, I cannot direct you to an order that you might join, but I do know that you do not need to be in a relationship or an order to serve Christ.
    Please know that I will keep you in my prayers and as others read your comment, I am sure that others will pray for you as well. You never know what door Christ will open for you, so be watchful.
    I bid you peace,

  2. psalm50(51)

    I’m not Orthodox, I am Eastern Catholic but I appreciate this website. I’m not gay, I am a transgender man. Despite the fact that I am transgender, I felt the love of Christ calling me to follow Him. I don’t think God made a mistake when He created me, despite some believers stating that I believe God made a mistake. I feel lost sometimes, there is no vocations for me to pursue except to be celibate. I am happily celibate but I wish I could join an order and serve Christ. Your average conservative believer would say that I am trying to infiltrate their Church and destroy it from the inside with my agenda, I just want to be loved by my brothers and sisters in Christ instead of being told that I am going to Hell.

  3. Jason

    You people that support this platform are all under the influence of the devil.
    Open your eyes and see how the wicked one is leading you into spiritual damnation.
    Being gay is not a gift from God. God blessed for the Union between a MAN and a WOMAN. Read the scriptures- both Old and New. Does Sodom and Gomorrah not make you realize that you will be numbered among them?
    Homosexuality is a sin! This is the true stance of the Church. Repent! Repent! Repent! God loves each and one of you and the Church is a hospital for everyone but please understand that you’re being misguided and led away by the devil. Don’t let your pride blind you in thinking what you are doing is acceptable before God. It’s abominable!
    I pray that you wake up spiritually and realize that you’re not doing the will of God but the will of the one who’s trying to have your soul in Hell forever.

    Society thinks it’s ok and allowed but unfortunately society is being led by the devil. The Church stands against society on matters like homosexuality. Don’t believe anything this Andrei writes or posts.

    Andrei you were a former priest now look at where the devil has brought you. You’re not happy. And unfortunately you’re luring in others who have these temptations to think that they’re normal. Heed the warning that Christ gives:
    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:2).

    Please come back to and repent. Or it will be too late! God loves you but hates the sin that you are struggling with right now.

    God is love. But God does not love sin. And homosexuality is a sin. The Orthodox faith will not change its position. It’s a sin. I pray that you all will wake up.

    Do not delete this comment. I write it not to bash on you all but out of love to forewarn you the dangers that lie ahead of those that don’t repent. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in the hell fire that will not be extinguished and the worm that does not stop eating- FOR ETERNITY!

  4. Alexios

    Wonderful thoughts. Thank you for supporting us.

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