Will the Church ever listen?

February 27, 2012

Will the Church ever listen?  Letter from students to the bishops.   

In August 2011 a very brave and sincere group of 15 Orthodox college students wrote an open letter to the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America.  (Link to complete letter below) The letter was written to “express our grave concerns about the state of public Orthodox discourse on a highly sensitive pastoral issue that especially affects young people in our Church.”  The students accuse some Orthodox in repeating disgusting and discredited theories about the etiology of same-sex attraction, using words that “make us vomit.” The letter is written as plea to the bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, although it could and should be directed to every Orthodox bishop in the world – canonical and “uncanonical” to take action.


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Dueling theologians! Dueling Graces?

February 12, 2012


Precious little has been published about homosexuality by Orthodox theologians in recent decades in comparison to volumes written by Roman Catholic and the various Protestant denominations.  What has been written by Orthodox bishops, priests and laymen has been overwhelmingly negative in tone, attitude and direction.  Most of what has been written, even by “modern theologians” of the Church has continued to rely on antiquated and often faulty  interpretations of Scripture and Canon Law and perhaps most egregiously has been authored as if no advances in science, medicine or psychology have been made since the seventh Ecumenical Council in the eighth century.   


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